Making Home Even Better

At the entrance to River's Bend is a roofed community mailbox, protecting you from the elements and creating a meeting place to chat with friends and neighbors.  A 10-foot wide recreational trail wraps through neighborhood green space and along the East side of a large pond and thru a neighborhood park. River's Bend is friendly to outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy a gorgeous outdoor view.  The gracious entry drive is heavily landscaped with association-maintained seating areas perfect for relaxing or resting within the development's trail system. You can enjoy all of this and more at River's Bend at the Preserve.

As the trail system on the South side of the developments on the West it becomes gravel "Nature Trail". This nature trail sits on top of a dike required by the City of West Fargo. All of the land from the nature trail to the river edge on the West side of the development is owned by the West Fargo Park Department and must remain the natural habitat as it presently exists. This means it cannot be developed other than a bench or a rest area in the Northwest corner.

The intent of the nature trail is for the Park Department to put a pedestrian bridge across the river on this Northwest Corner and connect to land which they own North of the River and then extend the "Nature Trail" South from that bridge to where it hits the river again and add a 2nd pedestrian bridge that would connect back to the trail system. This would only be done as they can find money for this future development.