About River's Bend at the Preserve Association

River’s Bend at the Preserve Homeowner’s Association is a North Dakota non-profit corporation whose purpose is to provide enhanced services to those in the River’s Bend development. 

These are to be services within the development on property owned by the Association as well as on public right-of-way that are above the level of service normally provided by the public entity. While the City of West Fargo and the West Fargo Park Department will maintain standard ponds, parks and trail systems throughout the development, it is the Association’s intent to maintain a higher level of care at the development’s entry corridor and the mailbox kiosk areas, some of which is within the public right-of-way.

The core of services to be provided by the Association shall be along the 26th Avenue east corridor from the east entry to the park and pond on the west. The neighborhood association shall own lot 1 block 1, lot 32 block 2, and blocks 7 and 8 of the River’s Bend Development. In addition to caring for its own property, the Association shall maintain all enhancements on the south side of the right-of-way along the entry corridor. The total scope of services shall not be limited exclusively to this area. Membership in the River’s Bend Development Homeowner’s Association assumes this burden of responsibility. Membership shall be inclusive of all lot owners of the River’s Bend Development.

All trails on public land other than 26th Avenue shall be the responsibility of the public body—the City of West Fargo or the West Fargo Park Department. The maintenance repairs and replacement of all improvements to property owned by the Association shall be the responsibility of the River’s Bend at the Preserve Homeowner’s Association. This shall be inclusive of all plantings, paths and walks, fences, entry signs, benches and mailbox kiosks. The Association shall further assume the same level of care for all improvements placed along the south side of the right-of-way along 26th Avenue. This shall be inclusive of lawn care items of fertilizer, weed control and mowing, plant bed care and the replacement and maintenance repair and replacement of bench seating at the corner nodes. 

The sidewalk, trails, curbs and aprons to street crossings should be standard city responsibility for repair and replacement. The Association shall keep that corridor walk or trail and the corner seating areas free of snow during the winter. Any future enhancements desired by the Association along the entry corridor but on the city right-of-way shall only be completed with city approval.

The best way to think of duties and responsibilities of the Association may be to think of them seasonally. Duties shall consist of the following, but the scope shall not be limited to the following:

In the spring:

  • Picking up of all blown-in materials from the 4th Street entry west to the pond
  • Cleaning of plant beddings, cutting back any seasonal growth plants and tree pruning
  • Replacement of any failed trees and bedding material
  • Maintenance on sprinkler systems
  • Checking over all installed fixtures (sign, kiosk, seating areas for repair or replacement)

In the summer:

  • Mowing, fertilizing and weed control of all grass-covered areas
  • Sweeping and cleaning of kiosk and corner seating areas
  • Watering young trees in early stages where no sprinkler system is available
  • General maintenance of entry sign

 In the fall:

  • Cutting back trees and plantings for winter
  • Cleaning of kiosk and seating areas
  • Blowing out the sprinkler system 

In the winter:

  • Snow removal of all walks and trails of the corridor entry
  • Keeping the kiosk and adjoining parking area and drive free of snow
  • Cleaning snow away from the corner seating areas
  • Maintaining lighting of entry sign and kiosk area